Apollo Landing Sites for Orbiter 2016

Detailed scenery files covering the neighbourhood of Apollo landing sites could be found here. These sceneries are made for Orbiter2016 and usually have two parts: elevation maps and surface textures. These two are usually independent from each other and could be installed separately, however to get the best visual experience it is recommended to use both of them together. To install them unzip the downloaded files into Orbiters top folder.


Landing Site Elevation Surface Texture Screenshot
Apollo 11 - Tranquility Base Apollo_11_LS_Elevation_v1.2.zip Apollo_11_LS_Texture_v1.1.zip
Apollo 12 - Oceanus Procellarum Apollo_12_LS_Elevation_v1.1.zip Apollo_12_LS_Texture_v1.0.zip
Apollo 13 & 14 - Fra Mauro Apollo_13_14_LS_Elevation_v1.0.zip Apollo_13_14_LS_Texture_v1.0.zip
Apollo 15 - Hadley-Apennine Apollo_15_LS_Elevation_v1.0.zip Apollo_15_LS_Texture_v1.0.zip
Apollo 16 - Descartes Highlands Apollo_16_LS_Elevation_v1.0.zip Apollo_16_LS_HighIllum_Texture_v1.0.zip


As the Tranquility Base was the first scenery I've created, it has it's own separate page with some details on how these sceneries files were created.


These files are working smoothly with Orbiter 2016 Beta and I guess even with the stable branch as well, however I haven't tested it, though the improvement isn't spectacular. These are the screenshots with standalone Orbiter 2016 Beta (Orbiter.exe):
West Crater and LM5, looking to west West Crater and LM5, looking to north-west LM5, looking to north

I strongly suggest to use these texture packs with Orbiter2016 Beta+D3D9Client, as it significantly improves the attainable resolution. With the current versions, the best visual results could be achieved by setting surface elevation mode to "linear interpolation" and max. resolution level to 18 in Visual effects menu. Please also make sure that you can see the following settings in the Moon config file (could be either Config\Moon.cfg, Config\ProjectApollo\Moon.cfg, Config\AMSO\Moon.cfg or any other, depending on the scenario):
  ElevationResolution = 0.5
  MaxPatchResolution = 18
Additionally, in D3D9Client Advanced Setup increasing Mesh Resolution to 64 could further improve the visuals. The screenshots with the same camera positions as before are showing a significant improvement:
West Crater and LM5, looking to west West Crater and LM5, looking to north-west Close to LM5 you can see the reflected sunlight on the real descent stage. Bit farther on the right side the faint circle is the Little West Crater.

Last modified: Apr 16th, 2022